Car Problems

We just spent almost $2000 getting our two vehicles (1994 and 2002) back into safe driving condition. After we had then checked out, both had serious issues that could have caused problems. Praise God we caught them and got them fixed before anything happened. Please continue to pray for us as the Lord leads.

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Comment from a prisoner in W.Va….

Comment from a prisoner in W.Va.... 

This course has been a great blessing to me. To pick out certain things, about what I learned, especially the most important ones. That would 
depend on the day, and what I am dealing with. I am so thankful for these lessons and the truths they have reaffirmed, and opened unto me.  May God bless you all and hold you close in His loving arms forever. 
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From a Student in India

From a Student in India
I have completed and filled in the blanks spaces in the booklet (lesson) text material and searched for the answers from the Gospel of John.
To know about Jesus and His Life we must study the Gospels. John was the Beloved Disciple of Jesus and the study of this gospel is indeed very important. To grow in Christ we need to memorize, understand and apply the verses from this Gospel. These are available in this Booklet. Thanks to the author of this study.


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comments from a student in Nigeria


From a student in Nigeria… I am so glad for the courses you enrolled me. The teachings are so comprehensive and that is what I needed. The lectures has seen me to more greater height, everything about typology are quite clear, open, thrilling and so profounding to me. Thank you for the exposition of facts and truths of the scriptures to me in this booklet. Please, five of our Pastors need your help for them. Please add the next course. These courses are so relevant in my training programmes. The training programmes for church leaders in various locations/local government areas, which I am planning to be doing it monthly. I am very grateful. God bless you.

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Boltz Family to Guyana

     Yesterday we met the Boltz Family (Ray and Kim), missionaries to Guyana South America at Calvary Baptist Church in Mesquite Texas.

     Brother Ray had indicated that his current website had been donated to him, but that he had not been able to access it because he had misplaced his login information and he was unable to retrieve his login information from the people that were hosting his website. His website content had not been updated in several years and he wanted to get the website going again.

     After the service, I reviewed the Boltz Family prayer card and did some research. I found that the domain on his prayer card was not registered and had no website attached to it. I called brother Boltz up and we had a conversation about it.

     The domain on the prayer card was Brother Ray said that there was another ministry that they had recently taken over (Guyana Baptist Ministries). He wanted to know if was available (it was). After some more conversations, Brother Boltz asked if both domains could point to the same website. I told him they could.

     I told Brother Ray I would register both domains, and build the website, using the content from his existing website. If, he was able to get the old domain back we could always park that on top of the two new domains.

     The Boltz family will be heading back to Guyana, and then returning back to the area for a wedding of one of their daughters in a couple of weeks, and we are planning on getting together and talking about what they want to do with their website going forward.

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Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite

Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite

     Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting one of our supporting churches today, Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite Texas.

     I am maintaining the website for Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite. They have an upcoming event, a Fall Festival on October 29th as an alternative to Halloween. I wanted to get some pictures and more information on the event.

     It was a blessing that we had a Missionary and board member of FamilyNet International with us (Dr. Nancy Shields of Toolkit Ministries), and that Calvary had the Boltz Family, Missionaries to Guyana visiting this morning, and presenting their ministry.

     This was Pastor appreciation Month, and the church presented Pastor Duane and Lori Myers a special gift.

     The church also had a fellowship meal after the morning service. What Baptist doesn’t like a free buffet line after a church service B-).

     I was able to talk with Missionary Ray Boltz about his website ( Brother Ray said he has had some problems getting his login information and had not updated his website in several years. He indicated he would like to get the website going again.

     I was also able to speak with Pastor Myers about the church phone service and internet service. The church would like to get some internet service installed and has had lots of issues with the phone service. Pastor Duane said he would call me in a couple of weeks and we will sit down and talk about what exactly he is looking to do and what options are available.

     After I got home I reviewed The Boltz prayer card and website and saw they had a new domain on the prayer card and had a brief conversation with Brother Ray as he was driving to a church in Oklahoma. I will follow-up tomorrow with a blog on how that conversation went.

     Clearly the Lord wanted us to be in Calvary Baptist Church this morning, and we were blessed to be there…

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Prayer Request from Nigeria

     We are still following up regarding the possibility of sending/finding someone to help get Bibles to Nigeria for us, and we received the following note from our newly saved friends requesting prayer:

     On Friday we were attacked by some group of Muslims on our way for evangelism we were distributing  a gospel tract from chick publication called allah hard no son and this group of Muslims attacked us with cutlass and rod we all have to run we thanked GOD THAT NO BODY DIED only 3 people were woundedthey will not stop us from spreading the gospel we need your prayers



     Please pray for Christians in third world countries that are being persecuted for their faith!

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A praise letter from Nigeria – 90 saved!?

     We send bundles of Bible lessons to Nigeria and Ghana for distribution into public schools. Nigeria is undergoing a revival right now. Nigeria is also undergoing major persecution from Islam. Christians are being murdered for their faith. Nigeria is also a very poor country, and is the source of many scams, but we don't want to deny the fact the God is working in Nigeria in mighty ways!

Nigeria Flag

     Today we received a letter from a young man in Nigeria. It is sad, my first reaction was "oh no, another scam" not "PRAISE GOD! Look at what the Lord is doing in Nigeria!" :

Dear Brethren,

In the Lord Jesus,

The grace and peace of Christ be with your precious Ministries.

One of your biblical leaflets that were shared in our school has touched and changed the lives of 90 Brothers and Sisters. Some Evangelist came to our school last year and distributed different types of tract, leaflet and booklets to student. After memorizing the content in the leaflet been gave to us. We realized that we all are lost sinners and only Jesus can save. So today only 90 of us decided to give our live to Christ Jesus is now our Lord and Saviour. We have now started going to church departing from sins. Telling others about Jesus but our main problem now is just that 90 of us don’t have Bibles to read God’s word and continue in our new Found Faith and also use our bibles at hand to preach Christ to other lost souls brother. That is why we decided to write you in this way. And to request 90 Bibles for our daily and spiritual growth. Dear brother in the Lord. Time cannot permit me I could have listed all the names of the 90 Brother and Sisters. But however we seriously need your help for 90 Bibles because we all don’t have. Please kindly send to 90 of us. 90 (Ninety) complete Holy Bibles, Leaflets and Literatures. We all are praying for your ministry.


Yours Brothers & Sisters in Christ

(Name deleted)

Oyo State, Nigeria

     Please pray for us as we contact this young man. If 90 young people did indeed get saved, we would like to help them, but sending 90 Bibles to Nigeria is a major problem for several reasons.

  • The Bibles themselves are expensive.
  • The cost of sending a packet of Bible lessons is $50-$100 – 90 Bibles could literally cost a thousand dollars or more.
  • This could be a scam to get Bibles to sell.
  • If we shipped 90 Bibles, the odds of them actually getting to the person we shipped them to are not very good.

So – please pray for us – to have discernment as we contact this brother. Pray that the Lord will open our eyes and hearts to their needs. If required, pray the Lord will provide the finances and contacts to get the resources these new brothers and sisters require to help evangelize their country. The Lord put this man in contact with us for a reason….


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The De Hart Family Missionaries to Mexico

De Hart Family Missionaries to Mexico.

     Last week I received an email from the De Hart Missionaries to Mexico. Scottie De Hart ran across one of our web pages and decided to contact us.

De Hart Family Missionaries to Mexico

     Scottie had been playing with WIX trying to set up a website, but apparently felt a little overwhelmed.

     He asked if I could give him some help and advice. His home church (Maranatha Baptist Church in McAllen Texas) just brought them on back in May, and Scottie’s pastor told him it would be to his advantage to have a website.

     I talked with Scottie briefly today and told him I had played briefly with WIX, and frankly had not invested a large amount of effort in figuring out how to use it. WIX generates some fantastic, good looking websites, but depending on how much you want to do with it, it can get complicated, and expensive really quickly.

     I asked Brother Scottie if the De Hart Family Missionaries website needed to be complicated and flashy. He said he wanted to keep it simple, a place for pastors to go to find the information they would normally find in his information packet.

     I asked brother De Hart if he had looked at WordPress and he had not. We went to my WordPress Demo website ( and I gave him a tutorial on WordPress for about an hour. After the tutorial brother Scottie decided that WordPress would probably be very easy to use, and would fill his needs nicely. 

     We talked briefly about a domain name for the De Hart Family Missionaries website. He thought “” would be great, and it was available.

     I registered for them, and set up WordPress this afternoon. Brother De Hart is already customizing the website and adding his prayer letters to the website.

     It is a blessing for us to help missionaries to be able to focus on their mission and raising support while we worry about the maintenance and security of their websites for them.

     Please pray for the De Hart Family – Missionaries to Mexico as they raise support and work to provide support to ministries in Mexico.

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Comments From A Bible Student in Arkansas

From a 70 year old Bible student in AR commenting on our Bible lessons…

Oh how I wish I could have taken these lessons years ago! My life could have been so different!

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