Mark Jones Family – Missionaries to Hawaii

Back in July of 2016, when we were attending the East Texas Baptist Camp Meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark Jones and his family, missionaries to Hawaii.

     I had added their ministry to the Baptist-Ministries Database ( Part of the reason this database is one of the best resources to use in order to find Independent Baptist Ministries is that unlike many of the other lists out there, the listings are checked for broken links and incorrect information on a regular basis (admittedly I am still playing catch up, but the list is getting very accurate).

    New ministries are being added daily.

Mark Jones Family - Missionaries to Hawaii

     While checking for broken links, I noticed that Mark Jones website’s domain ( had expired. I was able to contact Brother Mark, and after some discussion I registered his domain and set up a basic WordPress website for him to get him back online (the domain is shown on his Mission Cards, so it was advantageous to get the website back online quickly).

     The Mark Jones Family is very busy right now, as they are out raising support, but Brother Jones will be maintaining and updating his website as time permits.

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From a student in Virginia

From a student in VA…

This lesson was very good about the Tabernacle. Very well done. I have learned a lot about this. All of these lessons have really helped me with my walk with my Savior and friend. God bless all of you for these wonderful lessons. Thank you and may God bless each one.

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From a student in Georgia

From a student in GA…

Mrs. Hoffman,
Merry Christmas! I know it's been a while but as usual I have not forgotten about my FamilyNet International Family. I am still enjoying my studies and I always appreciate them for they teach me so much. I hope you and your family enjoy your holidays and I really hope you like this card.
(She enclosed a small stocking with a candy cane and bookmark with the candy cane story):-)

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Helping to Find a Church

     I was contacted by a lady in Florida this week asking if I could help her find a church. She came to us by way of our resource website “” This website is a resource center for people trying to get a ministry online. It is not set up to help somebody find a church.

     After some talking with her via email, I got her zip code and went to the Baptist Ministries database ( I did an advanced search using the search item “Baptist” (you have to put a search term in there or the database will not return any results).

     I entered in her zip code, and chose a 10 mile radius. The database returned 9 churches (and a publishing ministry) within 10 miles of her home. I copied the link for the search results and sent it off to her.

Baptist Ministries Database - Find a Church

     We have many Missionaries and Pastors using the database to find a church, or list of churches. The Database was moved to a new server several weeks ago, and the new server seems to be working very well.

     Using the advanced search feature you can also search for churches with a particular ministry (bus ministry for example). There are over 1000 categories available, including geographical.

     So – if you are someone you know is trying to find a church (or churches – say for a missionary on deputation), the database can be very helpful.

     There are about 6800 ministries in the database at this time, with more being added all the time.

     The links are being checked and updated, and if you find an error, you can easily submit an error report to correct a ministry.

     You can add a link yourself if your ministry is not listed.

     Check the database out if you have not already seen it, again it is at

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From a student in MD

From a student in MD

It is vital to now pray more, study the Word of God more and stay unpolluted from the world. Appears as if the entire world has become like Sodom and Gomorrah. Today, even the churches are struggling as spiritual warfare has become more intense. I sense the pressure of the warfare….I hope to be able to send some prints of my artwork & a donation of love to you all next semester. I always look forward to receiving the lesson books in the mail. I pray in Jesus name that we as be4lievers intensify our devotion, commitment and obedience toward God almighty. As we continue to navigate within the confines of our individual journeys, we need to truly help and support one another fully.
Much love in Christ Jesus to all,

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From a student in WV…

From a student in WV…

Thanks so much for sending me lessons. I enjoy learning about God & His Word. 🙂


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Bible Believers Baptist Church – Philippines

Bible Believers Baptist Church    I was contacted by Pastor Carlos Nabata of Bible Believers Baptist Church in the (Tangle Mexico Pampanga) Philippines over the weekend. We have been hosting their website ( for many years, and the gentleman that had built their website was no longer able to update it. Pastor Nabata wanted to know if I could update the website for him.

     The website was written in php code, and I cannot program in code. I told Pastor Nabata I could convert his content over to WordPress and then make updates to the website for him. He agreed.

    A couple of their pages had no content, I am waiting for some new content to fill that missing content in.

     I spent the afternoon making the conversion. I found a template today that I love, with a slider that is awesome. The Bible Believers Baptist Church website is now converted over to WordPress. I have sent a note off to Pastor Nabata to let him know and await content for more updates.

Bible Believers Baptist Church

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Calvary Baptist Church Mesquite Texas

I have been asked to fill in and preach tonight at Calvary Baptist Church in Mesquite Texas. Service starts at 7:00 PM. Calvary is one of our supporting churches, and Maureen and I have a close relationship with the church. We have hosted their website ( for many years. The church is at:

1632 New Market Road

Mesquite, TX 75149-3926

If you're in the area we'd love to see you…

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WordPress 4.7 Released

     If you are running a WordPress Website, a new version, WordPress 4.7 was released yesterday. While I have not seen what the possible exploits are in the old (4.61 and older) version, I would advise you to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid problems with hackers!


     All 100+ websites that we host have been upgraded to the latest release of WordPress 4.7 – so if you are a part of our free web hosting ministry we have got you covered all ready, feel free to go about your ministry work.

     Have a great day in Jesus and enjoy the upcoming holidy during which we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

     For more information on our free web hosting for independent baptist ministries please go to

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New Evangelism Website

  I received a call from a Pastor in West Virginia a couple of weeks ago that we provided several websites for in the past. He wanted to put up a new website to support ongoing evangelistic efforts.

     I registered the domain for him and set up WordPress.

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