Osage Baptist Church – Amarillo Texas

On Sunday, July 16, I had the privilege ministering at Osage Baptist Church in Amarillo Texas.  We have been hosting their website (osage-baptist.org) for 10 years now.

Osage Baptist Church

I have spoken to Pastor David Speed many times over the last several years, and it was a blessing to meet him and the members of this friendly, small church. Pastor Speed has been using his Apple Mac for his website, and is interested using WordPress. I will be converting their website over as time permits.

I was able to do our power point presentation during the Sunday school hour, and was given the opportunity to preach the morning message. Osage Baptist Church was truly a blessing.

Osage Baptist Church

Pastor Bostick and Pastor Speed

I was surprised to find out that Pastor Speed had “promoted” himself to “member” status (retired) at the Wednesday night service. The members had a mini Pastor Appreciation award ceremony as well as a dedication ceremony for their fellowship hall.

Osage Fundamental Baptist Church was a blessing with traditional music and a spirit-filled atmosphere. If you are looking for a small friendly church in the Amarillo Texas area, I would consider checking Osage Baptist Church out as a potential church home.

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Fredericksburg Baptist Church

     I was contacted by brother Edward Elizondo of Fredericksburg Baptist Church in Fredericksburg Texas over the weekend. Edward is the brother of Rudy Elizondo, Pastor of Marion Baptist Church, one of our supporting churches. Edward contacted Rudy to find out if Rudy knew of anyone that could help FBC get a website online.

Fredericksburg Baptist Church
Fredericksburg Baptist Church’s pastor retired and they have a new pastor.
Fredericksburg Texas is a community of about 10,000 located about 70 miles north of San Antonio. According to Edward, there are many tourists coming through Fredericksburg.
They wanted to get a web presence back up in part so tourist can find their website, and so home bound members can listen to sermons.
After some discussion about a domain name the church settled on the available domain name fredericksburgbaptist.org (I had no idea how many Fredericksburg Baptist Churches there were out there).
Edward and I discussed what the church wanted to accomplish with the website and I he picked out a template. I set up a WordPress installation for him with a SSL certificate.
I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Edward and we set up the Fredericksburg Baptist Church website. He has been able to make some updates, and has a person in church that will be able to spend some time with him and give him some more one on one training.

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Followup from Cameroon!

On 6/30/17, Maureen Hoffman  wrote: Hello
We are praising the Lord about your salvation.Bible lessons were mailed to you on the 19th of June. Hope they arrive soon and safely and that you learn more about Jesus Christ. God bless you, Bob & Maureen Proverbs 3:5&6

On 7/1/17, NEW CAMEROON YOUTHS wrote: SIS MAUREEN,Thanks for the effort.I pray god the lessons arrive safely.I am waiting  xpectantly.

On 7/2/17 NEW CAMEROON YOUTHS wrote:SIS MAUREEN,I just realised my spelling of GOD had a small  G in the above correspondence .That was a typing error. GOODNEWS! My wife confess JESUS and is ready to study along side with me,this is a great miracle.Please pray for us. We will be doing the corresponding courses together when they arrive.I AM certain the courses will be an avenue that many in Cameroon will be saved.Glory.Just keep the good

This gentleman has just gotten saved via an online Bible tract.(The New Birth). He has already led his wife to the Lord using the same Bible tract, signed her up for Bible courses and has a burden for soul winning! Praise the Lord. Please join us in praying for Thomas and his wife in Cameroon as the begin their spiritual lives in Jesus!

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Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church

I received a phone call this morning from Pastor Jeremy Allen of Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church in Eastman Georgia.

Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church

     Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church had a website in the past and had a lot of literature with their website on it, but the fellow that had set up the website had left their church and their domain had expired.

      Pastor Allen ran into my friend Evangelist Timothy Holtsclaw (theholtsclawfamily.com). Dr. Holtsclaw explained our ministry of providing help in getting ministries online to Pastor Allen so he decided to give me a call.

     Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church’s domain (cgbceastman.com) was available so I registered it and set up a WordPress website for Pastor Allen. He provided me with several pictures. I built a basic website, and provided Brother Jeremy with several websites of churches we host so he could get a feel for what is available out there.

      Pastor Jeremy will look things over and get back to me at some future point and we will work on refining (or rebuilding Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church’s website.

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A fight over the right to a family-friendly filter

A fight over the right to a family-friendly filter https://onenewsnow.com/media/2017/06/16/a-fight-over-the-right-to-a-family-friendly-filter

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One Saved in Cameroon

   We have many Bible Tracts online. Our online tracts have taken over 83,000 hits.

     One of the tracts we have online is "The New Birth" by late evangelist Paul Levin. I received an email from a gentleman in Cameroon late last week:

i am saved

Maureen and I praise God for the ministry the Lord has given us and the ability we have to be used to reach people in all parts of the world. We have requested further information and will be sending our new brother Bible Courses to help him to get grounded in the Word of God. We thank everyone that holds up our ministry in prayer and financial support. None of this would be possible without either!

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Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them

Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them. https://tiny.iavian.net/hb0b

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Sandy Lane Baptist Church

On Sunday, Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Sandy Lane Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas. We have been hosting their web page (sandylane.org) since 2009.

     We had a great visit. After an excellent message by Pastor Robert Moreland, they were celebrating the 90th birthday of Pastor emeritus Billy Beck.Sandy Lane Baptist Church

     I had the opportunity to discuss (briefly) the website with Pastor Moreland, and we decided to set up an appointment to sit down and discuss the WordPress website.

     Yesterday I drove back out the Sandy Lane Baptist Church and spent a couple of hours with Pastor Moreland.

     We discussed what he would like to do with the website. I made some minor changes to the website that allowed him to start a blog. We installed the WordPress app on his smartphone. He was able to start posting on the website through his phone.

     We went through the basics of pages and how to build menus. I installed a photo gallery plugin for him.

     I gave Pastor Moreland a general idea of what was available of what was available in the way of themes, and made a minor change in the themes to allow his Blog to show up on the website.

     We discussed our ministry and Pastor Moreland said he would look at the possibility of scheduling our coming out and presenting our ministry to Sandy Lane Baptist Church.

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Hey Buddy, Got some CRM?

     I was contacted by a gentleman I had worked with back in 2012 to help set up a website for Countrywide Prison Ministries. The new ministry was now Mountain State Ministries, and he was in need of a Contact Resource Management Tool (CRM) to keep track of inmates.

Suite CRM

     He was currently using a tool called SugarCRM, but is at end of life and was evolving into something called SuiteCRM. I was able to set up a subdomain on one of my servers, and install SuiteCRM for him to manage his contacts.

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Bob and Maureen Hoffman 2Q 2017 Newsletter

"When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace."
Volume 30 Issue 2 (April/May/June/2017)
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!





The Latest News:

  • Maureen and I participated in the Global Impact Celebration (Missions Conference) at Lavon Drive Baptist Church (our home church) in Garland Texas.
  • I had the pleasure of presenting our ministry work to the "Crusader Class" at Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland Texas
Church Website Ministry:





  • I have been working with Evangelist Dr. Timothy Holtsclaw to host new church plants for several years. Dr. Holtsclaw is the director of the BATA church planting ministry. Tim had an idea to create a website that would match KJV Churches looking for staff and staff looking for positions in KJV churches. We talked it over and I decided it would be doable. I did some research and the best platform I could find was actually a dating platform. It took a lot of customizing to change information to match the Baptist Connections data set. Dr. Holtsclaw settled on the domain name BaptistConnections.com, which I registered. I created a WordPress website, installed the dating plugin and after much tweaking Baptist Connections came on line last week.
  • Pastor Floyd Brown of First Baptist Church of Flat in Gatesville Texas contacted me. Pastor Brown and I met at a small church several years ago when he and his wife Sara were missionaries. I set up a website for them when he became a Pastor at Eureka Baptist Church in Weatherford Texas. Brother Floyd became Pastor of First Baptist Church of Flat and wanted to know if I could help him out again. Brother Floyd told me they wanted to go with the domain fbcflat.com. I registered the domain for First Baptist Church of Flat and put up a basic website for the church with contact information, contact form and map with the location of the church.
  • I worked with Pastor Bryan Spurgin of Bible Baptist Church in McKinney Texas. We have been hosting Bible Baptist Church in McKinney Texas’s website for many years now and Pastor Spurgin wanted to make some updates. After some discussion about what he wanted to do, I was able to completely rebuild their website (bbcmckinney.com) and provide the features brother Spurgin was looking for.

Bible Correspondence Courses
: We want to thank Katherine Feguer, Lydia Henrici, J.L. & Florence Smith and Lorraine Meier for helping on the Bible Correspondence courses over the last quarter.
First Quarter Stats:  652 lessons mailed, 21 certificates issued, 126 students of which 8 are prisoners and 51 are International. Lessons were mailed to: Brunei, Canada, India, Nigeria, Tanzania and USA.





Here are some comments we received from people that are taking the courses





  • From a 75 year old student in Australia: Talking about the Practical Christian Living course, he says, A very brilliant, comprehensive, inspiring course which has taught me much. Thank you and Bless you!
  • From a student in Alabama: In the course Light from  the Old Testament, the picture of Rebekah, the servant, Isaac: awesome "type" the "Ark of Safety". I truly love these simple, but yet powerful lessons. Thank you!
  • From a student in Maryland: The most important things I learned in this booklet was that God is not only involved in the great things in my life, but even the smallest of "details".
  • From a student in Malawi: Many thanks the Envelope is well received with the five books. I hope these books will make our Sunday school lessons a success. The Titles are just amazing and I hope our class will change for better understanding the word of God. Above all I took your advice that all my lessons should be based on the word of God
  • From a student in Malawi: I really appreciate all the spiritual support that you people offer to me, how I anticipate that we meet in Heaven and discuss all these wonderful acts you are offering to us.For the booklets I shared with another brother after reading them, If you have them please send them to me.
  • From Jacob Gibiya – Oasis of Hope Children Programs – Akala, Nigeria: We held our second Sunday service at Oasis of Hope Community Fellowship Centre yesterday and we had a total of 15 members in attendance and over 50 children in the Sunday school. The service was so powerful, one man gave his life to Christ and we praise the name of the Lord!! This a new church two weeks old and we are requesting for more prayers for the church and growth and new believers! Thanks Maureen Hoffman and Bob, we are using the materials you sent us to empower the children, we are planning on programs that will attract more youths and children to the church and then we will introduce them to Jesus through the powerful teaching materials.
Tract Ministry: We have "given out" over 83,000 Bible Tracts online.





While I was updating the Baptist Ministries Database, (baptist-ministries.org) I found a Bible Tract on a missionary's website called "God's Bridge to Eternal Life." The God's Bridge tract was great, and was available in many languages, so I contacted the owners of the tract (Majestic Media) and requested permission to publish the tract on our ministry. I was not sure where to publish the tracts (I have tracts in many different places). I finally decided on a new website. I registered the domain (gods-bridge.com)

     I currently have tracts up in English, Spanish, German and Chinese. I have been looking for a way to expand to other languages, and this was perfect!

     I installed the God's Bridge tract in English, Spanish and French. Nancy Shields (of Toolkit Ministries) saw it and asked me to put up the Children's version of the tract. I will be adding more languages as I get time. I am excited about this. Please pray that God uses this new website as I continue to publish the Gospel to all nations (Mark 13:10)!

Social Networking Outreach: I get new requests on my evangelistic Facebook account regularly. I now have 2482 "friends" in my evangelistic Facebook account. This is a valuable tool to reach the unsaved masses.
Support:  We are currently at 65% of support for our ministry expenses. Please pray the Lord will lead as we try to raise additional support this summer.
Prayer Needs: 





  • Would you consider praying for us when special needs arise? If so, please subscribe to our prayer warrior's mailing list. : http://eepurl.com/SYbI9. 
  • Maureen and I have continued to be plagued with physical issues over the last year. Please contact us if you need specifics. There are a lot of minor (meaning not life threatening) things. Some painful, all inconvenient for sure. Your continued prayer for our health is appreciated.
  • Our personal finances are very tight. We have two older vehicles (my truck classifies as a "Classic" now at 23 years old). The vehicles are in need of constant repair. Please pray for our finances.
Specific Financial Needs:





  • Server Costs $565 Dollars
  • Security Costs $250
  • Postage to Nigeria $925 (90 salvation decisions)
  • Postage to Kenya (increasing) $250 (15 Salvation)
  • Postage to India $40
  • Server Costs $565 Dollars
  • Miscellaneous Office Expenses $1000

We received generous love offerings that took care of a large portion of office expenses and some major personal expenses we incurred during the first quarter!  We thank all of you that hold us up before the throne of grace in prayer!

Please consider a donation. FamilyNet is a 501 (C)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible in the US – You can donate via PayPal (Donate button is on http://www.cyber-missions.com) or mail a check:
FamilyNet International Inc
P.O. Box 451951
Garland, TX 75045
(214) 257-0229

In Jesus' Service,

Bob and Maureen
Phil 2:4
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